Tips to buy a swimsuit

Tips to buy a swimsuit

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Tips to buy a swimsuit

If you have a bust choose swimwear with bust support that comes from bust shaping or a mesh bra shelf – under wires will only be uncomfortable for most swimming stokes.

If you have a large bust, choose a style that has more coverage under the arms. If the swimsuit is cut away too dramatically under the arm you may pop out the side!

To get great fit on the bust and to get extra support, go for a suit with adjustable straps. This allows you to tailor your suit for the best fit possible on the upper body.

If you are worried about a flabby tummy go for a suit with tummy control. That extra reinforcement will give you so much confidence.

If you are a plus size don’t go for a sporty cross over back. It will not give you enough coverage on the back and will make you feel very bare. Go for a modest look with a closed or scoop back.

Sporty swimsuits don’t only come in high legs. Medium, low and extra low leg heights suits mean you can achieve a stunning look with out exposing too much of the top of the thigh.

If you hate the top of your thigh or are worried about your bikini line, legged swimwear is a great option. Available in various lengths, you will be able to find a suit that will cover up the thigh to suit your shape.

If you want a bit more hold all over, go for the Sculpture range by Speedo. The material is designed to sculpt the body and give a great shape all over.

If you swim regularly go for a chlorine resistant or long lasting material. Once you have found your perfect swimsuit to suit your shape you want it to last as long as possible.

Remember! Everyone in the pool is too busy worrying about their own swimsuit to look at you, so diving in with confidence and enjoy the pool.